IBS of Provence – Between Aix and Marseille

A unique environment – A new campus (10min from Aix-en-Provence)

Located in the South-East of France, in the heart of Provence, IBS of Provence benefits from an exceptional geographical situation: Only 10 minutes from the center of Aix-en-Provence and 20 minutes from Marseille.

Indeed, Aix-en-Provence was the capital of Provence in the 15th century: prosperous merchants and notables made the city the Provençal Florence that we know today.
The great names of literature and painting were inspired by the charm of the city.

Guigou, Stendhal, Mistral, Zola and Cézanne, an itinerary marked with the letter C crosses Aix en Provence. It allows you to visit the places where the painter lived.

City of art and culture, Aix en Provence has a rich architectural heritage superbly restored and maintained.

IBS of Provence, near Marseille :

Its must-see places, on the city side or on the nature side. With the Calanques, its beaches ideal for swimming, its cultural heritage, its sunny weather and its legendary soccer club… All this in the heart of a city rich in culinary specialties and traditions. Moreover, it is a gateway to Provence, you will be able to explore easily the tourist sites, like the lavender fields or the Blue Coast…


On the other hand, IBS of Provence is located 10 minutes from Aix-en-Provence, its booming tertiary activity, the remarkable quality of life and the proximity of unspoiled nature…
But also 10 minutes from the TGV station, 15 minutes from the airport of Marignane.


The concept of the course at IBS of Provence is to alternate between courses and sports and cultural activities.
During the camp, IBS of Provence offers courses (intensive depending on the formula).
English, French and also: French as a foreign language, mathematics, and preparation for the bac & brevet.
IBS adapts to the needs and level of each student, in order to help them progress throughout the course.
Upon arrival of each student, groups will have been formed beforehand (thanks to tests sent before the beginning of the course), which allows the teachers to adapt their courses.

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ibs boarding house

Boarding houses IBS of Provence

Come discover the different boarding houses of IBS of Provence

Boarding life at IBS of Provence offers students a unique opportunity to experience what the french call “convivialité”, with other students who come from diverse cultures, countries and linguistic communities.

The close proximity enjoyed between students of diverse nationalities fosters language learning and cultural awareness.

Distribution of rooms in Boarding houses of IBS of Provence :

In this way, our boarding houses provide students with a friendly, family-style atmosphere – a place of authentic “life together”.

Designed on the concept of a family home, under the watchful eye of supervisors,  the boarding section is an extension of the school day in a convivial atmosphere alternating between study periods, meals and leisure time.

Five boarding houses accomodate students in rooms of four and students are encouraged to respect the basic rules of communal life; consideration for others, punctuality, personal hygiene and tidiness…

Our five IBS of Provence’s boarding houses accommodate boarders in rooms of two to five.
Student rooms are organized by gender and age range, and languages/nationalities are mixed.

It is also possible to request that some students (siblings/friends) be together in the same room.

Boarding houses’s location

Our boarding houses are located outside campus (from 1min to 20min away) and a bus comes to pick up the students every morning for a nice breakfast on campus, and drops them off every day after dinner.

Some boarding houses have a swimming pool and one of them even has a tennis court, that boarding students at IBS Summer Camp can use after a camp day.

The following services are available to boarders:

  • Travel bookings (train, airplane, bus)
  • Transportation services (transfers to train station and airport)
  • Medical care monitoring (accompaniment to the doctor, pharmacy, medical examinations, verification of treatment…)
  • Pocket-money management
  • Dry cleaning (For student staying 3 weeks or more)

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Stages Printemps Eté IBS of Provence

IBS of Provence: International school in the South of France


Etablished since 1984, IBS of Provence is an independant international school located near Aix-en-Provence, in the south of France.

Offering the french national curriculum, the international baccalaureate, IGCSES and others international exams for 2 to 18 years old students from more than 75 different countries.

The fundamental educational concept of IBS, English-French bilingualism, underlies the international status of the school. In addition to the multitude of linguistic exchange opportunities a shool day offers, thanks to over 75 different nationalities, bilingualism, runs through the whole school curriculum.

IBS of Provence has been offering linguistic holidays camps for over 30 years (spring, summer and fall).

Every year the school IBS of Provence grows and offers a lot of new activities for the childrens. The students can practice many different activities in the school : tennis, basket, table tennis, swimming, dance, volleyball, football, art, drama…

The new 11 000m² campus including :

  • 2 recently built academic buildings with new air-conditioned classrooms
  • A modern 400-seat amphitheatre
  • Sports building with a cross-fit training center golf simulator, yoga room and indoor gymnasium
  • A cafeteria that serves freshly prepared food
  • 4 new tennis courts (2 synthetic clay and 2 hard courts)
  • A football field
  • A multisport field

Students come from all over the world both as day and boarding students to take part in our intensive language (depends on the program) (French or English) or revision classes or sport program.

Thanks to cultural outings, and sport activities these holidays camp are the best for the students to discover the Provence  

Every year, IBS is looking for new activity that are more rewarding, more instructive and enjoyable for the students.

For more information you can visit IBS of Provence website.