We use this French placement test to evaluate you in order to find the course that will be most beneficial. Please play the game and put away your phone or other help that would not allow a score that reflects your level. The test is structured in a way that it starts with easy questions for the level A1 and then it gets more and more difficult.

This means that you should stop doing the test when it gets difficult because it will only be more difficult. Just submit the questions you answered, without answering the ones that are too difficult.

Keep in mind that the purpose of this test is not to get the best score possible, but to determine your real level, so that your stay at our Summer Camps is the most beneficial for you. It’s not a problem if you are a complete beginner and you get stuck on the first question or two: there are many students who are complete beginners during our camps. So don’t be stressed when taking this test. We look forward to meeting you no matter what your level of French is 🙂 .

Once the form is submitted, we are going to organize classes according to the level of the students, and their age. The results are not displayed afterwards, but you can request your score if you’re curious. Just use our contact form and we’ll answer shortly.

This French placement test is also the one used by our school year students to evaluate their level at the beginning of the year.