The site has been created by IBS of Provence (, and is hosted by :

140 Quai du Sartel
SIRET : 424 761 419 00011
SAS au capital de 10.000.000,00 €


The sites & (here after called the “Sites “) are the property of the company International bilingual school of Provence. Ibs of provence is a Independante Private School – Registration with the Rectorat of Aix-Marseille. Number : 01 331 48 B.


Publication’s director : ORTOLA Lisa.

Legal declaration

According to the French law of January 6, 1978, relating to Data processing, files and freedoms, the Sites, as well as the various automated personal data processing realized starting from the sites, were declared with the National Commission of Data processing and Freedoms (CNIL). For more information, you can contact our publication service.

Applicable law

The French law will be applied to all the legal relations between Net surfers and the IBS of Provence and/or its representatives, concerning the sites and

Data picking

Various types of information :

First of all, we must separate the two types of picked data from the Sites :

Personal data, as your name, surname, email, etc, which allows to identify you as one and only person. Data have a personal nature, and are regarded as confidential. Each time we ask them, we treat them in a specific ways.

Impersonal data, as your logs dates, your explorer type, IP address of your computer, etc. Data do not allow to identify you in a single way, and haven’t a personal nature.

About personal data

Pickings :

Personal data are only collected from inscriptions or answers to online forms.

Use :

Data are only used by IBS of Provence, and will not be transferred to a third part, unless it has been clearly mentioned, and that you gave your agreement. If we would share data with third part, beforehand we will ask you your authorization.

Diffusion :

We don’t distribute personal data that we collected, it’s confidential.

Right to correct, modify and suppress your personal data :

You have a continuous right of correction, modification and suppression of collected personal data, either by modifying them directly on the site, if it gives you the possibility, either by contacting the publication’s service by email, or by mail to : “INTERNATIONAL BILINGUAL SCHOOL OF PROVENCE, Domaine des Pins, 500, Petite Route de Bouc-Bel-Air, Aix-en-Provence 13080 LUYNES FRANCE”.

Storage :

Collected personal data are likely to be stored during a maximum length of one year after your last positive contact (modifications of your personal data, reception of electronic mail, etc). Of course, this length of time / duration can be lower, IBS of Provence reserving the constant right to remove data from its files.

About impersonal data

Pickings :

Impersonal data are constantly collected when you navigate on the Sites.
The records of impersonal data are made by components using logs files from our servers. As example, we have access to your navigator type, your times of connection, etc. Automatically, our components record information, you can’t stop them from your PC, so, if you don’t want that we collect data, even impersonal data, when you visit our web sites, don’t connect yourselves and don’t use it.

Use :

Data of impersonal nature allows us to evaluate how visitors perceive our web site (the most attended pages, time of connection, and average way of navigation, etc). We only use them to improve the web Site and its global impression, its contents and ergonomics, to satisfy you better.

Diffusion :

Statistics on impersonal data, collected from the web Site, can be diffused. As data are merged, it is impossible to identify someone who connected itself, but the “average” behavior of a Net surfer on our web Site can be established. We can also share this information with partners and another third parts so that they can evaluate which is the profile of Net surfers of our web Sites.

You can send your questions about the management of collected data to the publication’s service.

Disclosure’s obligation

All personal or impersonal data that we collect, can be disclosed in the case that we have reasons to suspect it is necessary to identify, contact or engage legal proceedings against a person who could cause injury (intentional or not) or interfere with property rights of IBS of provence, or of a third part.. According to French laws, we could reveal information about Net surfers to all physical people, moral or administrative entity which have the right to require it. Optional or obligatory information filling.

Optional or obligatory information filling

On all our web site’s forms, a little star (*) shows you data you have to give us to treat correctly your request or your subscription. It is obligatory information. Others information are optional, but can help us to improve the treatment of your request and personalise it.

Data diffusion

Preliminary permissions

We inform all physical or moral people to which information are related to, before the diffusion on web site (partners, customers, suppliers, etc.).

Modifications or suppressions right

These people have a continuous right of correction, modification and suppression on information diffused, according to the article 34 of the law “Informatique et Libertés” of the 6 January 1978. They can use this right by contacting the publication’s service by email, or by mail. We will answer to their request as soon as possible.

Intellectual property

Texts, pictures (animated or not), sounds, know-how, drawings, graphics (…) diffused on web sites are the exclusive property of the IBS of provence, or of its suppliers, and are protected by royalties. Any use or diversion, global or just on one part, without express authorization are prohibited and would constitute a counterfeit sanctioned by the intellectual property code. In the same way, an hypertext link towards the Sites without the express authorization and preliminary agreement of the IBS of Provence are prohibited.

Links towards external web sites

We asked agreements for hypertext links towards external web sites, but as these web sites are not managed by IBS of Provence, IBS of Provence does not give guarantees on their contents or on the quality of their services.

Warranty limit

Globally, IBS of Provence could not be held responsible for any damage resulting from the access, the use of the services of its web sites, or its non-use.